On April 19th, 2016, PEP presented the 12th Annual PEP Environmental Stewardship Awards  during its Annual Membership Meeting at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.

PEP Member Awards were presented to member companies that have made a significant and positive contribution to the Gulf Coast region’s triple bottom line, economically, environmentally and socially.

PEP Community Partner Awards were given to individuals or organizations that dedicate their time and resources to improve the sustainability and resiliency of Coastal Alabama.

Thanks for joining us at the 12th Annual PEP Environmental Stewardship Awards!





2016 PEP Member Award Recipients

Waste Heat Integration with Solvent Process for More Efficient CO2 Removal from Coal-Fired Flue Gas

Following the success of their Carbon Capture and Sequestration project (which was recognized by PEP in 2012 and also received several national awards), Alabama Power, Plant Barry is being recognized again this year for successfully completing a pilot project that makes the state-of-the-art process more efficient. The High Efficiency System aligns with the U.S. Department of Energy's goals related to carbon dioxide capture and electricity cost. The system also lead to a 50 percent reduction in water consumption. In this project , a waste heat recovery technology was integrated into the existing carbon dioxide capture process to evaluate improvements in energy efficiency. The heat integration system consisted of two primary pieces of equipment: a Carbon Dioxide Cooler which used CO2 product gas from the capture process to heat boiler condensate, and a Flue Gas Cooler which used air heater flue outlet gas to heat boiler condensate. Preliminary tests show overall benefits of the test system included reduced water consumption, better air quality, increased plant efficiency and perhaps even lower cost power for the customer. This test project is the first in the United States.  It could potentially be used on all coal plants of its kind, making them more efficient and more evironmentally friendy.

LED Fixture Replacement

Last year, the Arkema chemical manufacturing site in Axis, AL., replaced a significante number of high pressure sodium, metal halide and fluoresent lights with more energy efficient LED light fixtures, resulting in an immediate impovement in light quality to create a safer working environment for employees. Not only are LED lights more efficient, but they require less frequent change-out of bulbs, many of which are located in areas with difficult access. Approximately 190 light fixtures were changed over to LED fixtures and bulbs. Expected energy savings is 151 megawatt hours per year, and $15,000 per year. in addition, the reduced energy usage results in 113 tons of reduced CO2 emmissions to the atmosphere

Energy Efficient Light Integration for Merchants Transfer

CAM-AIR was chosen to consult and integrate a state-of-the-art lighting solution within the Merchants Transfer Western Warehouse to combat their largest energy consumer: inefficient lighting. By installing energy efficient fixtures and smart dimming motion sensors, Merchants Transfer was able to reduce its light-related utility consumption by nearly 75 percent (equivalent to planting 63 acres of trees annually). In addition to the energy, savings and reduced carbon footprint, Merchants Transfer was also able to secure financing through CAM-AIR with the Alabama Saves program at an interest rate of 1 percent. The company also increased cash flow by almost $25,000 annually.

Blighted Homes Demolition Project

EnviroChem was selected by the City of Mobile to provide environmental services for the city's "Blighted Homes Demolition Project," which involves inspections and testing to address potential asbestos and lead-based paint worker exposure and waste disposal issues encountered during demolition of comdemned and blighted homes. EnviroChem's findings provided the City of Mobile the information to determine the appropriate precautions needed to minimize risk to surrounding residences , workers and the environment, and their services will ensure the project proceeds in a safe and environmentally sound manner, aid in urban restoration, restore property values and continue the beautification of Mobile, AL. Approximately 1256 structures have been identified in the Blghted Homes Demolition Project, and estimates from the City of Mobile are that property values could have as much as an $84 million increased effect once the blighted homes are removed.

The City of Mobile is recognized by PEP as a partner for its leadership in the Blghted Homes Demolition Project.

Boiler MACT Standards Compliance

Project Design Group, Inc. was retained by a major Forest Products client to provide engineering and project management to bring one of their production facilities in the Southeast into compliance with Boiler MACT standards by 2016. Using proactive planning, research and studying options, it was determined that the client could modify one of four boilers impacted and retire the other boilers due to the high cost of bringing them into compliance. Modifications were made to this boiler to lower emissions and ensure compliance with the requirements, instead of a traditional and costly method of installing an electrostatic precipitator. The mill also installed two new gas-fired boilers that would be fully compliant with the new environmental standards. Using innovative technology, a wood/oil boiler was replaced with a natural gas boiler, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. This project is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Additionally, it is estimated that mill's present boilers now emit less than 60 percent of the amount of particles allowed under EPA permits, and the new boilers will cut those emissions to an estimated 30 percent of permit limits.

Recycling and Refurbishing Initiative

The Honeywell UOP Mobile Plant prides itself on its environmental stewardship and has won several state awards. The site generates non-hazardous solid wastes taht are transported to a local landfill and adds to the plant's cost. It was recognized taht a significant portion of this solid waste generation is due to discarded pallets, cardboard and super sacks, and a team was formed to establish an aggressive recycling program to concentrate on tackling these three areas. Additionally, partnerships were formed with local recyclers to refurbish used pallets and recycle paper and plastics that would otherwise be sent to t5he local landfill. This was a highly successful project eliminating approximately 15,000 yards of material from the landfill yearly and saving the plant $250,000 a year.

Fairhope Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) Improvement Project

Volkert, Inc., partnered with the City of Fairhope in the Fairhope Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) improvement project, which protects the environment by treating wastewater collected from the City's customers and discharging treated effluent into the Mobile Bay. Volkert provided design and construction engineering services to upgrade the 4.0 million gallon-per-day facility to maintain permit compliance, address reduced facility capacity, improve efficiencies, and enhance effluent quality through nutrient removal and filtration. Because Fairhope strives to produce an effluent that leaves the facility much cleaner than regulatory requirements in order to have the highest water quality in our streams and Bay for all to enjoy, the result was a design that not only addressed the current needs but also looked forward to the future to address nutrient removal and enhance effluent quality through filtration.

The City of Fairhope is recognized by PEP for its leadership in the WRRF improvement project.

2016 Community Partner

Map for Mobile: Framework for Growth

The PEP Board of Directors is pleased to name the City of Mobile as its 2016 Community Partners in recognition of the planning, research, design, and implementation involved in the MAp of Mobile, the City's comprhensive plan. Through extensive citywide input, the project established seven principles (strong neighborhoods, functional roadway corridores, strategic infill and redevelopment, a connected community, high quality design of the built environment, a strong downtown, and greater opportunities to enjoy natural and recreational assets) to address as it moves toward the goal established by Mayor Sandy stimpson: for Mobile to be the safest, most business and family-friendly city in Americai by 2020.